Curriculum Vitae

Born 1960 in Silkeborg, Denmark

1983-1987 Education as still photographer, Silkeborg/Århus
1989-1993 National Filmschool of Denmark , Copenhagen
Member of the Danish Society of Cinematographers / Dansk Filmfotograf Forbund - DFF

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2017 Monster, tv serie by Anne Sewitski
2017 Gud Taler Ud, feature by Henrik Genz
2016 Tordenskjold, feature by Henrik Genz
2015 Norskov, tv serie by Birgitte Stærmose
2014 Steppeulven, feature by Ole Christian Madsen
2014 Bankerot, tv serie by Henrik Genz
2014 Good People, feature by Henrik Genz
2012 Arvingerne, tv-serie by Jesper Christensen
2012 Jo, tv-series by Charlotte Sieling, Rene Balzer
2012 Borgen, tv-series by Henrik Ruben Genz and Charlotte Sieling
2010 The Bridge, tv-series by Charlotte Sieling
2010 Superclasico, feature by Ole Christian Madsen
2008 Above the Street, Below the Water, feature by Charlotte Sieling
2008 Livvagterne, tv-series by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
2007 Terribly Happy, feature by Henrik Genz
2007 Flame and Citron, feature by Ole Chr. Madsen
2006 The Killing, tv-series by Charlotte Sieling
2005 Kun med hjertet, documentary by Ulla Boje
2005 Prag, feature by Ole Chr. Madsen
2004 Dommeren, feature by Gert Fredholm
2004 Nordkraft, feature by Ole Chr. Madsen
2002 Better Times, tv-series by Charlotte Sieling
2002 Wilbur wants to kill himself, feature by Lone Scherfig
2001 Kiras reason – a lovestory, feature by Ole Christian Madsen
2000 Unit one, tv-series by Charlotte Sieling, Jørn Faurschou
2000 Italien for beginners, feature by Lone Scherfig
1999 The Bench, feature by Per Fly
1999 The Spider, tv-series by Ole Christian Madsen
1998 Bye, Bye Bluebird, feature by Katrin Ottarsdottir
1998 Theis and Nico, short by Henrik Ruben Genz
1997 Ronnie Rocket, documentary by Maiken Wexø
1996 Skat, det er din tur, feature by Mette Knudsen
1995 Krystalbarnet, feature by Peter Thorsbo
1994 Voodoo Europa, feature by Kvium og Lemmerz
1994 Two on a couch, feature by Amir Rezazadeh

Exhibitions photography
2017 Urban jungle, Galleri Øckenlund
2004 Filmhuset, Copenhagen
1998 Museum of photographic Art, Odense
1998 Rampen, Copenhagen
1997 Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
1995 Museum of photographic Art, Odense
1993 Overgaden, Copenhagen
1991 Charlottenborgs Autumn exhibition, Copenhagen
1990 Charlottenborgs Spring exhibition, Copenhagen
1987 Artists Easter exhibition, Århus
1986 Artists Autumn exhibition, Copenhagen
1985 Charlottenborgs Springexhibition, Copenhagen

Represented at
The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Museum of photographic Art, Odense, National History Museum, Frederiksborg.

Books published
2017 Aquatiques, ISBN: 978-87-93063-88-4
2009 Lost and Found, ISBN: 9978-87-992042-7-4
2004 Tuesday, January 17, 1995. 2:30 PM. 42nd Street , ISBN: 87-989138-7-5

Bodil award 2009 for Terribly Happy and Flame and Citron
Robert award 2009 for Terribly Happy
Danish Arts Foundation award 2009 for Terribly Happy
Robert award for Prag, 2007
Bodil award, 2007
Cinematographer of the year,, 2004